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Stump grinding is one of the most beneficial services you can get for your property. When you have a large project, a stump is not only an unsightly mess. It can also prevent some of your most significant plans. Grinding the stump is an effective way to get your property clear of this big issue. 

Our team at Southside Clearing & Grading can help you throughout the entire process, pursuing the smoothest land possible in the quickest amount of time. Below, we’ll help you understand some of what we offer with our services and how you can benefit. 

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Is It Better to Grind a Stump or Remove It?


When you remove a stump from the ground, it becomes significantly more intrusive to your land. Not only is the stump removed, but you also have to dig around the area to completely remove the roots from the tree. It can take longer, but it can also require additional services such as dirt moving to fill the spot where the stump used to be. It’s an extensive job, but choosing grinding can be more effective for your job, especially if you are in a time crunch and want the job done quickly. 

Stump grinding is less intrusive to your property. There’s a specific machine that grinds the stump down into smaller wood chips. It’s efficient and helps to remove the stump with minimal disruption to your property. If you intend on doing other landscapes on your land, the wood chips from the grinding can be used as mulch, which can help grow additional plants, bushes, and trees. 


How Far Down to Grind a Stump


Because you want to be sure your property is clear for your next project, it’s vital to grind enough of the stump so that you can move forward in the most effective manner possible. Stump grinding typically takes the stump to about 4 to 6 inches below the level of the surrounding dirt. The minimal section is filled with dirt afterward to level out the land and ensure it is ready to go for your next project. We can also leave the mulch in the existing area if you intend on putting in brand new landscaping in the same area as the stump.

Of course, several circumstances can change how deep the stump grinding goes, especially if there are issues that you have with your roots. It’s imperative to speak with a professional who can help you understand your stump grinding options to get the results you need.


Why Grind a Stump?


If you own land and work on a project that requires smooth dirt, a stump can be a big obstacle. You want to be able to pursue your project, but a stump can make it difficult to get results moving forward. Our stump grinding experts in Southside can help you clear the land and get you some additional mulch for your ongoing landscape needs. Even better, we’ll do it quickly, so you don’t have to push back your own deadlines. 

With grinding, we’ll provide you with a less intrusive service to ensure you can work on your project soon after we are complete. We have significant experience with stump grinding, and we’ll be there when you need us most. Southside Clearing & Grading genuinely cares about your project, and we do all that we can to get you where you need to be quick.

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