Underbrush Clearing

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Considerable underbrush on a property can be a big problem for numerous reasons. Unfortunately, several landscapes are riddled with underbrush, and it’s crucial to get the land as clear as possible so that you can keep the property safe and ensure it is ready to go for your next project. Luckily, underbrush clearing is one of our specialties, and you can trust our team to help you from start to finish. 

At Southside Clearing & Grading, we know that significant underbrush can put a halt to your project quickly. We make it a priority to help you through the project, getting the land as clear as possible and helping you move forward with little intrusion. Below, we’ll explain why you should clear underbrush and how our team can help you through the process. 

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What Is Considered Underbrush?


The underbrush doesn’t encompass large trees on your property; rather, it is the bushes, shrubs, and small trees that grow under the larger trees. Underbrush can be an unsightly mess on your property when it’s not done correctly, and it is even more of a problem if the underbrush is in the way of your ongoing plans. Unfortunately, some parts of the underbrush can also be dangerous (such as poison ivy), and it threatens anyone on the property. 


Is It Good to Clear Underbrush?


There are several reasons that you may want to clear the underbrush on your property. It’s a helpful service that we provide, and it helps you get started on your project as quickly as possible. Here are some of the benefits of clearing underbrush:

  • Dried out underbrush is a fire danger: If underbrush gets too dry, a small spark can lead to a large fire that spreads quicker than you may imagine.
  • Underbrush can block several projects: If you intend to build in certain areas or you want brand new landscaping, you should first start by clearing the existing underbrush from the area.  
  • Remove poisonous underbrush: Some bushes and vegetation can be poisonous and cause significant problems for anyone it touches. This means your project team and others can suffer because of it. Clearing it helps protect them.
  • Removing underbrush improves access to your property: You have a plan for your property, and you want to ensure you can continue your project without a hitch. Removing the existing underbrush helps you start the process sooner.

If you’re ready to start your project, but underbrush has put a halt on your ability to move forward, we will be here to help you begin the process and move forward in the most effective way possible.


Getting a Professional Team On Your Side


When you need to move forward, it helps to get a professional on your side. A professional understands the best ways to remove all underbrush in a timely and effective manner so that you can move forward with your project as quickly as possible. With Southside Clearing & Grading on your side, you can feel confident that we will get the job done right when you need it most. 

Our team has provided Southside the land clearing services they need for years. Numerous people have trusted us to get the results they need as they pursue their projects. We understand how important your project is to you, so we work to get you to the next step with minimal downtime. When you need underbrush clearing, let our team be the ones you need so you’re clear to move forward.

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